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Special Permaculture Design Course

Marda Permaculture Farm
in the West Bank, Palestine

September 25 - October 9, 2013

Starhawk, Klaudia van Gool, and Murad Al Khuffash, instructors

This course is an amazing chance to experience another rich culture in an area with many challenges but many deep and powerful lessons to be learned. The focus of this course will be more strictly on the permaculture aspects, and we will be respectful of our Muslim hosts and the local culture and belief systems in our dress, behavior and common spiritual practices.

To Register
Please contact Marda Permaculture Farm to book and for help with travel advice.

The Course

Join us for an exquisite opportunity to learn about permaculture principles and techniques from the renowned international teacher Starhawk, as well as the permaculture specialists Klaudia Van Gool and Murad Al Khuffash, whilst experiencing the culture, food and traditions of beautiful Palestine!

Marda Permaculture Farm seeks to address critical issues in the Palestinian community like food security, health, self-reliance and community empowerment through reviving traditional agriculture and promoting a range of permaculture techniques that support chemical-free, diverse food production in balance with the cultural and biological landscape, while conserving and recycling water, energy, and other resources.

Taught in English with Arabic translation.

This course includes 14 nights board in a comfortable house (camping if you prefer) with internet, showers, washing machine, etc.

The Place
Everyone is welcome to this 14-day event. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn Permaculture Design at Marda's demonstration site and to experience Palestinian culture at its richest. Marda is an ancient, peaceful stone village nestled in the mountains one hour from Jerusalem and surrounded by olive groves. The mild climate and rich soil support a great diversity of flora and fauna and being close to the soil here in the Holy Land is a life-changing experience.

To learn more about Marda, visit mardafarm.wordpress.com

International students: $1600
Local students: $400 (a limited number of scholarships might be available).



Starhawk is one of the most respected voices in modern earth-based spirituality. She is also well known as a global justice activist and organizer, whose work and writings have inspired many to action. She is the author or coauthor of twelve books including The Fifth Sacred Thing, The Earth Path and The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups. She holds an MA in Psychology from Antioch West University, and received her Permaculture Design Certificate in 1996 from Penny Livingston-Stark.

Since 2000, she has been teaching and directing Earth Activist Trainings, which offer training in permaculture with a grounding in spirit and a focus on organizing and activism, with a mission to bring the tools and insights of regenerative design to communities with the greatest need. EAT has trained hundreds of students over the past thirteen years, as well as provided support for social justice mobilizations and encampments, disaster aid and bioremediation in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and ongoing training for at-risk youth, community gardens and job training programs in inner city San Francisco. Starhawk has a special interest in the people-care aspects of social permaculture, in conflict resolution and group decision-making, and in urban permaculture.

Together with EAT teacher Charles Williams, she is developing model permaculture systems for Mediterranean climates on her Sonoma County, California, ranch, integrating olives, lavender, food forests, chickens and a holistic management rotational grazing program for sheep. She also has a deep love for soil biology and the roll soil building can play in mitigating climate change.

Klaudia van Gool has had an interest in plants and growing for as long as she can remember and has incorporated permaculture ideas for the last 20 years. She did the Sustainable Land Use and Permaculture Design Certificate at Ragmans Lane Farm with Patrick Whitefield in 2006 and completed her diploma in Applied Permaculture Design in January 2009. She has a degree in Environmental Science from the University of Plymouth and has worked advising and training businesses on environmental improvements. She is interested in wild foods and natural beekeeping and she has a particular interest in the role of "people care" in permaculture. Klaudia has been teaching permaculture in a variety of places and with a range of teachers, including Aranya, Patrick Whitefield, Albert Bates and Looby MacNamara (People and Permaculture), cross-fertilising as she goes.

Murad Al Khuffash is Marda Permaculture Farm's founder and permaculture specialist. In 2006, after studying permaculture at The Farm Ecovillage Training Center in Summertown, Tennessee, Murad Alkhfash founded Marda Permaculture Farm. He is creating a teaching center and model farm in Marda for local farmers and international permaculture students who want to learn about permaculture. He has been practicing sustainable agriculture to help the local economy while training others in permaculture practices. His project is supported in part by The Institute for Appropriate Technology, which is affiliated with the Ecovillage Training Center.

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